Coffee Tamper 51mm (Small Diameter) Breville, Delonghi + Others


This is a proper 51mm coffee tamper which replaces the horrible plastic spoon tamper supplied with most small domestic espresso machines.

Machined stainless steel base with wooden handle allows the user to obtain even pressure for improved extraction.

Suits models:
– Breville Bar Italia ESP2
– Breville Bar Italia ESP4
– Breville BarVista BES200
– Breville Cafe Platinum BES250S
– Breville Cafe Roma ESP6
– Breville Cafe Roma ESP6S
– Breville Cafe Roma ESP8
– Breville Cafe Roma ESP8B
– Breville Cafe Roma ESP8C
– Breville Cafe Roma ESP8MR
– Breville Cafe Venezia BES230
– Breville Ikon BES400
– Breville Professional 800 Series 800ES
– Breville Professional 800 Series 800ESC
– Breville Professional 800 Series 800ESR
– Breville Professional 800 Series BES820

– Sunbeam Arista EM5900
– Sunbeam Bar Espresso EM3500
– Sunbeam Cafe Crema EM4800
– Sunbeam Cafe Latte EM5400
– Sunbeam Cafe Latte EM5600
– Sunbeam Cafe Series EM5800
– Delonghi EC680
– Delonghi EC685 Dedica
– Delonghi ECO310 Icona
– Delonghi EC33.21 Pump Espresso
– Delonghi EC35.31 Pump Espresso
– Delonghi EC31.21 pump Espresso

Most models of Krups.


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